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Welcome to KC Dog School

KC Dog School was founded in 1995. I had been a primary school teacher for 20 odd years, when a life-changing car accident made me decide to leave teaching and start training dogs full time. 


I started training the family Labrador in 1972 at a dog club, where I noticed Border Collies and

fell in love with the breed, but being a student teacher, I didn't have the time or money to get one. 


In 1978 after graduation, I entered a singing competition and won first prize. I used the

money to buy my first Border Collie - Misty's Shadow. I started training her and then entered

in competitions. She was a fantastic dog and won many awards.  She was one of the first dogs to compete in Dog Jumping in South Africa (there wasn't agility in those days). The second dog that I owned was a black GSD, Sheba. She also won many awards.


I currently have two dogs -  Tannah - Black and Tan GSD, 13 years old and Blair - Black and White Border Collie, 3 and a half years old.


Triffyn who passed away in 2019 at 16 years of age. He competed in obedience, and agility but together we  compete in Dog Dancing / Canine Freestyle. In 2012, Triffyn and I got our final qualification and Triffyn became an International Champion Freestyle Dog with the World Canine Freestyle Organization (USA).


Triffyn's daughter Teagan, passed away in August 2020. Teagan adored doing clicker work and she  achieved CAP 1 with 98% (Competency Assessment Program, from Learning About Dogs in the UK) and CAP 2 with 100%. She also has Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert Trick Dog Titles, and Champion Trick Dog Title (Do More with your Dog, USA). 


Tannah competed twice in agility- coming 3rd in Non-Contact at an open show. She also did dog dancing qualifying right up to the Advanced level with one QC in Advanced. Unfortunately, I retired her due to age as she was struggling with some of the moves.

She also competed via video in RallyFrEe (USA) and gained her Championship title in 2018. She is the first German Shepherd in the world, to be a RallyFrEe Champion.

Blair, is currently competing in Dog Dancing competitions. He has qualified out of Beginners and Novice and has one qualification in Intermediate. I am hoping to make him a Champion in 2021. Blair is a Breed Champion (Ch Venron Deuces Wild ZA'19) and was the KUSA National Border Collie for 2019. He needs one more qualification to gain his international FCI breed champion title.


In 1984 I became an KUSA judge in Obedience, I am now a senior judge in Obedience,

Dog Jumping, Agility and Dog Carting, and Dog Dancing.


I am a judge for the World Canine Freestyle Organization and judge locally and internationally. I have judged in Pennsylvania in the USA, and judged and given workshops in Seattle, USA in August 2015.

I have judged Dog Dancing at the Open European Championships in Belgium in 2017 and Switzerland in 2018. In June 2018 I judged in Moscow and December 2018 in St Petersburg.

In November 2019, I was accepted and put on the judge's list for the FCI Dog Dancing (Europe).

I was due to judge in France in May 2020, but due to the Corona Virus, the event has been postponed.


When I stopped teaching and started KC Dog School, I studied and become an Accredited Companion Animal Behaviorist (with the ABC of South Africa). I was the Chairman of the ABC until March 2014. I am also one of the Senior Accredited Companion Animal Behaviourists of the ABC of SA. (SAABC/1998/008/CA)


KC Dog School has grown from strength to strength, with referrals from many different vets. 


Obedience training classes are on a Saturday and Sunday morning, and a Tuesday morning. Private training and behavioural home visits are done on the other days. 


The training methods are modern and we train with love, praise and treats.


I am a Clicker Trainer and registered as a Trick Dog Instructor with Do More with your Dog (USA).


Please also remember as I am a Senior Accredited Companion Animal Behaviorist that if you have any behavioral problems - big or small please contact me first, so that I can help you sort it out.


If you have any queries, please contact me. The best time is usually after 6 in the evening.

082 454 1750 (o11 783 3042) or alternatively, e-mail me at




Just to say how much we all enjoyed the first class on Saturday, both Scotties seem to have come away with something to “think about” – slight changes in the way they are relating to each other – he is more independent and she seems to be less in need of asserting herself all the time. 

Sarah Roberts

“The classes are simple, fun and our dogs love them! I have never had a dog learn so quickly and be so eager to get back to class.  ​



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