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Where you can find us on various days!

KC Dog School has classes on a Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday. 

92 1st Street, Parkmore / Lower Sandhurst.

All classes are held in my garden - 92 1st Street Parkmore / Lower Sandhurst. 

The garden is safe and secure, and the parking in within a street that is patrolled by a security company.

Puppy Socialisation on a SUNDAY.

This is for puppies that have had their second inoculation and up to 4 months of age.


You don't need to wait to the start of a course, you can start any Saturday. Each lesson we work on skills, and the puppies build up their confidence over these 4 lessons. The sooner you can get your puppy into class, the better. They will socialize with the other puppies, go around an obstacle course, listen to noises and do a little bit of stand, sit and down. There is a short talk for owners on their first lesson. After that class video links are send with videos of everything taught in the class, so that other members of the family can watch and learn.


Time: SUNDAY Lesson 1 - 8:30

                          Lessons 2, 3 & 4 - 9:30

Address: 92 1st Street Parkmore / Lower Sandhurst

(Map attached to get through the enclosures)


The courses for any dog over the age of 4 months:

Basic Life Skills Course - teaching the dog to walking correctly and nicely on a lead, and sit when the owner stops. To go to a blanket and "settle" whilst the owner sits in a chair, to come to the owner and go back to the side.

The Intermediate course follows on from the Basic Life Skills Course and over the weeks includes more off lead work.

The Advanced follows on from the intermediate course with the owner and dog doing many interesting things around the garden.


These classes are done in a group situation so that the dog gets social skills as well. 


Starting dates for the next courses:

These will be sent via email to anyone interesting in attending.

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