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The K C Dog School blog is now officially started. I will do my very best to write something whenever possible. Maybe not every day, but when I have the free time.

So, why did I decide on doing a blog? I have been thinking of one, but never got round to it, but when Wix told me to add a blog to my website, I decided, why not! So here we are.

My first blog is going to be about HOMEOPATHIC MEDICATION.

When I go to a house for a behavioural consultation, especially for anxious and even more so for aggressive dogs, I usually suggest that the dog is put on some homeopathic medication to help calm them down. So often this is met with horror as the owner thinks that I am "drugging" their dog.

Even this morning when I went to see a client for the follow up consultation, the first thing that the lady said was "my husband wouldn't allow me to put my dog on drugs". Sigh.......

What I try to explain to people is that homeopathic medication helps to take the "edge" of an anxious dog. Aggressive dogs are also usually very anxious and have "fear aggression". So giving a dose of homeopathic medication just takes that edge off the dog. So many owners who have used the product has said how well it has worked, but sadly, there are still a lot of owners who won't use it.

I try to explain that it is like a human taking "Calmettes" or "Rescue remedy", but there is still the metal block that this is a drug.

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